Read what some of my clients have said about reaching these goals:

Successful Hypnotherapist

“I highly recommend Constance. She’s a skilled and compassionate practitioner, and anyone working with her is in very good hands!”

Linda Bennett, Ph.D. Senior Curriculum Specialist,
Hypnotherapy Program Director, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Successful Test-Taking, Self-Confidence

“ The reason I reached out to Constance was that I was having terrible anxiety regarding test taking.
My cousin, who lives in London, England experienced hypnotherapy and urged me to go ahead and do it. Well, I had no idea how this experience was going to improve so many aspects of my life beyond test-taking. Through Constance’s skills and compassion, she gave me the tools to unleash the blockages and setbacks I had placed in my own life’s path. I can say honestly and truthfully; she has helped me. I still have ways to go, but I have so much more confidence and look forward to creating an even more exciting positive life for myself.

Viva A., Arizona

Successful Managing of Anxiety

“Constance has helped me relieve anxiety and access the source of a lifelong problem that was making life difficult for me. She has that rare blend of talent, skill, and empathy which I believe is what makes her hypnotherapy session so successful. I highly recommend her if you need help to improve your life for the better.”

Joyce L, California

“Constance offers a key to unlock the tremendous potential within us. I struggled with performance anxiety and was terrified to perform. After only 2 sessions, I experienced an amazing performance. My friends and fellow musicians all commented on what happened? Your performance was so good! So confident!”

Mary K. Pianist and Vocalist

Successful Academic Performance

“I needed to improve my chemistry grade in order to assure admittance to the Nutrition & Dietetics program offered through ASU. My past history demonstrated to me that even thought I was a very good student, I struggled with testing in chemistry.

My first session was an experience I will never forget. The level of relaxation and peace I felt was unbelievable.  I was able to hear her throughout the session but in a much different state, as if I was feeling her words. After each session, I observed how much more aware I was of my body and what emotions I felt when I was studying and attending classes. Exam day arrived, I felt so much calmer and focused and received an A!

After the 3rd session, I was able to de-stress myself and what once felt so nerve-racking, changed! It almost felt effortless to use the techniques she implemented in our sessions. I would recommend this powerful self-improvement approach to any one struggling with self-doubt and negative thinking. I had no idea that a change like this was ever possible! And Easy!

Gabrielle L., Arizona

“Constance Kenney is an amazing life coach/hypnotherapist. She has the ability to move quickly and deeply into the heart of the matter in such a way that you are left with a clearer understanding of what you need in order to stop forward towards a happy and rewarding life.”

Richard Seaman LC, Cht, Re Master Life Coach

Successful Weight Management

“My hypnotherapy sessions with Constance were of tremendous help with my life-long tendency to carry extra weight. Her extraordinary skills of listening and gentle guidance into imagery allowed me to relax and explore solutions. I feel fortunate to have found such a highly-skilled professional in Constance.”

Christie D, Arizona