Audio for Children

Guided Visualization is a perfect vehicle for creating positive changes in children. What child doesn’t like a good story? We all do! When children’s imaginations are engaged, their subconscious readily accepts and interprets what they hear as real. This openness and acceptance can help initiate powerful growth.

Please note: Children can be in a receptive state of mind and still physically move and adjust their positions – sometimes completely turning around and still be mentally engaged in the experience.  Sometimes they may even seem like they are distracted, and yet, improvement can occur. There are no negative side effects

“Mrs. Kenney, it was great!  I really liked it!  I could see the Inspector and it was a blast. When your voice would say something for my body to do or my mind to focus….it happened!  It was like magic and felt really cool!”  Student 14yrs.

Customized Hypnotherapy Sessions for Children

Teachers and parents may not be aware of the many areas of a child’s life that can be addressed through hypnotherapy. When a child is unavailable for the one-on-one session, a custom designed Guided Visualization can be produced specifically for their needs. There are many areas in which hypnotherapy can help to create beneficial changes in a child’s life:




  • Increasing Self-esteem, Courage to face changes, Empowerment, Self-acceptance
  • Improving Artistic, Academic, Athletic Performance
  • Coping with Separation & Divorce issues, Grief, and Loss
  • Managing Stress, Anger, Nervousness
  • Managing manifestations of stress: Stomach aches, Headaches, Nail biting, Nightmares
  • Dealing with Fears, Anxieties
  • Develop Accelerated Learning, Concentration, Memory,
  • Manage Social anxieties – Problems feeling accepted, Friendships, Body-image

Constance will create a personalized Guided Visualization as an audio recording specific to the needs of your child.  The text and story line will be determined based on a 30-minute free consultation. Additional charges will be incurred if further consultations are needed.

$125.00 MP3

$125.00 CD



A Young Man’s Testimony

An 11yr. old young man came to me for lack of confidence, especially surrounding schoolwork and classroom problems. He also struggled with worrying and separation anxiety. After 4 sessions, he related the following:

  • “I’m sleeping much better.”
  • “When [I’m] upset and angry, I have learned to breathe easy and use that “cue” you gave me to calm myself down.”
  • “It’s easier for me to memorize my Latin, read faster, [and] remember history dates.”
  • “It’s been a great lesson and experience.”
  • “I feel good about myself.”

“Mrs. Kenney was great! I hated to play the piano at recitals and I wanted to quit. She suggested that she do some hypnosis. She talked with my parents and got their approval. It really works! I played and my fingers never left the keys!”

Chris N., age 13 years Piano student of Mrs. Kenney