Audio for Adults

Ages 15 and Above

Hypnotherapy recordings are referred to as Guided Visualizations or Self-Hypnosis. Guided Visualizations are a powerful tool to reinforce positive beliefs, emotions, and behaviors.

Simply by using the power of your imagination, you will experience:

  • Gradual relaxation of body and mind
  • Release any obstacles attached to negative thoughts, behavior or habit that is no longer beneficial to your health and well-being.
  • Shift into a positive state of mind that becomes you’re a foundation for future success.


Spirit, Body and Mind healthy lifestyle

Repeated listening to Guided Visualizations frequently is highly beneficial and effective in reinforcing positive thinking and behaviors.  You will feel refreshed, calm, and confident. There are no negative side effects.

Customized Personal MP3 Recording

Constance will create a personalized Guided Visualization addressing your behavioral struggle or negative thought pattern and your desired outcome. The content is determined through an interactive discussion during the free 30-minute consult. Additional charges will be incurred if further consultations are needed.

$125.00 MP3 Customized Personal MP3 recording



$125.00 CD

Successful Performances

“I wasn’t sure at first what this was going to be all about. I get it. Listening to my guided visualization on a regular basis helped to change my whole approach to performing. It really comes down to creating very positive images in your mind, really letting yourself go and feel, see, and hear yourself play with such confidence. It is such a supportive tool to have whenever a performance is in the near future. I noticed another benefit was that I was feeling much more positive and ambitious during my weeks when I did listen to it regularly.”

                                                                                                                   Deborah B., Music Major, Indiana


Successful Test-Taking and Stress

“I am an educator who understands the effectiveness and value of Guided Visualizations. I recommend using this tool to my students experiencing both performance and test anxiety. Ms. Kenney provides imagery techniques in a straightforward but soothing manner. Personally, I have used her Guided Visualization to help me manage stress and calm my mind before falling asleep. The visualizations provided me the opportunity to reframe my negative and worrisome thoughts at a deep level and move toward a positive, even joyous frame of mind resulting in a much more restful sleep.”

                                                                                                       Dr .Kay Jansen, DNP, MSN, PMHCNS-BC

                                                                                       University of Wisconsin-Madison, College of Nursing




Successful Self-Hypnosis

“I’ve struggled with anxiety for a long time. You could say that I’m the nervous type. I decided to give Constance’s Guided Visualizations a try since I couldn’t seem to get the hang of meditation and yet wanted to learn how to manage my racing thoughts. Through Constance’s imagery and process of self-hypnosis, I learned an invaluable tool that I can use whenever I want. She taught me how to conduct my own Self-hypnosis and I continue to practice self-hypnosis whenever I need to switch off the negative garbage floating around in my mind.”

                                                                                                                                            Linda S., Arizona



Successful Athlete

“I decided to contact Constance when I was encouraged by my coach to practice visualizing myself being in the game and being in top form.  I had heard of top athletes using visualization and I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I have aspirations of becoming a professional baseball player and am presently in college. I take my training seriously and strive to do my best. Working with Guided Visualization has been great. I was able to share with her some of my concerns and weaknesses and then tell her how I really want to see and feel when I was playing at my best. She was able to put it together into a great recording that I listen to on a fairly regular basis. It definitely helps and has also helped me to visualize easier on my own.”

 Jake S., New York