Fearless Expressions

“At the bottom of every fear is simply the fear that you can’t handle whatever life may bring you”

                                                                 L.Bennett, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

But… what if you could? YES, you are capable of handling life’s challenges!

As a client of Fearless Expressions, we will examine what is driving your fear and overcome it. We will then explore new realms and new possibilities. All it requires is an open mind. If you truly want to change something, you will make it happen. or When you allow yourself to change, you can transform yourself.  Want it to happen, Let it happen!

What we will do in a session:

  • Define and clarify your personal challenge. Co-create a plan to address the negative past experiences and formulate a picture of a successful future.
  • Receive education on what hypnosis is and what you will experience
  • Participate in a hypnotic trance state where mental, emotional, physical blocks may be removed and cleared
  • Discuss your experience